Our Past and Present

It all began in 1977 as Golden Star Golden Retrievers in Western NY. With a relocation to Florida in 1989, and after several years in the Sunshine State, the kennel name needed refreshing, so Ingot Goldens it became after contemplating an ingot of gold, the pure gold bar.

I have extensive credentials and demonstrated breed support for over 40 years being a member, judge, or evaluator, as the case may be, for the following organizations (years are approximate):

  • Golden Retriever Club of America – 30+ years
  • Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club – 15+ years
  • Everglades Golden Retriever Club – 10+ years
  • Golden Retriever Club of Western NY – newly formed club member in the late 70s
  • Golden Retriever Sweepstakes Judge at Specialty Shows
  • GRCA “CCA” Program* Evaluator (the CCA program provides for a noncompetitive area of participation in conformation where dogs are assessed against the AKC Golden Retriever Breed Standard without regard to other dogs present and also to give owners written reports of the assessments providing information not received in a show ring)
  • Clearwater Kennel Club – 10+ years
  • 4 H Club member, exhibitor, Judge – 7 years

We have raised and competed in the sport of pure bred Golden Retrievers since 1977 for one purpose: to work toward the betterment of this breed and preserve its AKC breed standard. The Golden Retriever is such an endearing dog, and is full of willingness to please. This is but one of the Golden’s wonderful qualities.

At Ingot Goldens, we are a serious hobby breeder, we may breed up to one perhaps two litters at most per calendar year. If you are interested in buying a puppy as a companion addition to your family, you should do your homework and purchase from a serious hobby breeder– no pet stores or novice “backyard” breeders who think breeding dogs is something for fun and profit! Attend dog shows in your area, speak to exhibitors and breeders, do your homework and the benefits of a well-bred purebred dog can be yours.

If you are a serious-minded person interested in exhibiting and competing in the sport of purebred dogs (conformation, obedience and so forth), contact us about show/competition-quality prospects.

We are located in Clearwater, Florida. Please browse our site to learn more about the Golden Retriever, Our Golden Retriever Family, and the commitment and skills we continuously work on to increase our knowledge and capability in the breed we so dearly love.

Ingot Golden Retrievers